One is the Loneliest Number?

Amen!!! This is exactly what I am saying!! And…I’ve got you beat. I have been living in my house for over five years and I “know who a couple of my neighbors are by faces, but I do not KNOW them nor do we ever chat. I believe it’s because I am single and no one wants to cause a problem if they dare talk to me……… As I mentioned in my original post “is it ok to be alone”, I am by no means lonely, I am alone and loving my solitude. 🙂

I'm a Writer, Yes, I Am!

Daily Prompt Cut Off When was the last time you felt really, truly lonely?

Yesterday I met one of my neighbors for the first time since I moved to a rather remote Colorado small town in October. Yep. Haven’t met anyone between October 21 and February 23. “Aren’t you lonely?” she asked midway into our conversation.

We were exchanging information about ourselves, where we came from all that, how we find the town. As I was describing my experience of moving here, I could see her impressions reflected in her face. She thought I was either very crazy or courageous. “Do you know anyone here?”


“How did you pick Monte Vista?”

“I saw a house I liked online and came last summer to look at it. It was impossible, but I liked the town and the San Luis Valley is so beautiful.”

Her situation was different. Her husband got…

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I am a Hispanic single woman, born and raised in the military lifestyle. Went on to become a veteran and an Army spouse. Throughout my life I have struggled with relationships, to include the most important, the one with my Father, God. I am currently working as a high school counselor, but am a Licensed Professional Counselor, and studying to take the Addictions Counselor exam for my LCDC. I want to help, encourage, and maybe through my many mistakes, help others, men and women.
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