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On Complaining

On Complaining. Advertisements

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On Complaining

You may be familiar with cognitive distortions.  These distortions, as the name suggests, are inaccurate emotions or ways of thinking in which we convince ourselves that our thoughts are rational and accurate.    These negative thoughts lead to negative feelings which … Continue reading

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We only use 10% of our brain-Myth; sigh, too bad

Via: A Collection of Really Interesting Stuff for #Psychology Lovers. — David Webb (@psych101) March 11, 2015

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Self-confidence and behavior

How we behave is indicative of how we feel about ourselves.

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Do I need to prove the existence of God?

Well, this has always seemed absurd to me.  Quite frankly, I am saddened by the chosen path of some who flat out refuse to acknowledge the existence of God even though all you have to do is look around, the evidence … Continue reading

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regarding the “Love Languages”

Well!  I decided to take Dr. Chapman’s “Love Languages Personal Profile for singles”.  🙂  Although I had not previously looked at what the languages were, I could immediately tell that there were three that were obvious.  I just didn’t use … Continue reading

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the dangers in how we see truth and happiness

There seems to be at least 4 standard beliefs of what truth is: relativism – truth changes, it is relative subjectivism – how I perceive it to be traditionalism – thinking that tradition (what we’ve been taught) supercedes the truth absolutism … Continue reading

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