It’s my right to have fun-isn’t it

“the right to do something, doesn’t mean doing it is right”  -author unknown

We love to be in control of our lives.  We believe that if we work hard, we deserve to relax, and do whatever we want-it’s our right.  There are some, however, who believe in the principle of hedonism.  This is where the person’s style of living reflects the importance of pleasure, and anyone or anything that can add to that pleasure.  Does this make it right?  To those who believe it’s their right or everyone’s right as long as they do not hurt anyone, yes, you can choose to do whatever you want to do.  Your actions, your words, your lifestyle reflect your values, your morals.

I have seen a side of life in which people lived as hedonists, the debauchery, and I can see how someone can even get addicted, if you will, to this form of life.  I have seen how this can tear apart relationships, and I have seen how some-with similar values are strong in this.  However, does doing whatever we want make doing it right?

Your comments.


About babybear65

I am a Hispanic single woman, born and raised in the military lifestyle. Went on to become a veteran and an Army spouse. Throughout my life I have struggled with relationships, to include the most important, the one with my Father, God. I am currently working as a high school counselor, but am a Licensed Professional Counselor, and studying to take the Addictions Counselor exam for my LCDC. I want to help, encourage, and maybe through my many mistakes, help others, men and women.
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