A Negative Mind Never Gives us a Positive Life

You’ve heard about having “a glass half full” attitude; well, I typically have that type of an attitude- that is until I met my ex-boyfriend, fell head-over-heals in love, gave him my heart, believed in my heart he was the man I was gonna marry, and then for the first time ever, I experience rejection.  I fall apart, I spiral into temporary sadness, and I begin to think negatively- about myself.  How could I be so stupid!  But, I prayed! How could this have happened?!  To me!?  I’m a good person!!  I was a good girlfriend, everyone of his friends, his family loved me. He even said that infamous statement… “It’s not you, it’s me”….

Fortunately, a few months later, I am able to breathe again and remember who is truly in charge and who is actually the source of my peace and my joy.  The evil one thought himself to gain control of my happiness, my life, take my joy, but that that would be impossible.

It’s a daily struggle, but my Father never said life would be easy; he actually said things would be difficult.  I trust in Him and know that he takes care of ALL of my needs-mine and my family’s.  I also know that if I trust him and continue to have faith, I know that He has amazing things planned for me.  He has amazing things planned for us all.  We just have to wait, listen, trust.  This is what helps me to keep a positive attitude.  Praise God.


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