Still Single, and still over 45-well over :/

Divorced, widowed, or just plain single, we can’t just date in the contemporary manner.  Too old to go clubbing, and that isn’t even a viable option for most of us.  How do you live happily while you wait for the “perfect” partner to find you?

It’s not easy!  I’ve been doing it for over 7 years!  At first, it may seem overwhelming; you’re back in the dating pool, and ugh, the competition is ridiculous.  You are too old or too classy to go to a nightclub and surely will not go to a bar alone.  Sooo, this leaves you with the other meat-market- online-dating.

One of the things I have found out is that although my body is not as lean and strong as my younger competitors, I have what they don’t have:  confidence, independence, wisdom, beauty, and a career.

No worries girls and guys.  Over 45 simply means that you are now on top of your game so to speak.  You don’t have to settle.  As a matter of fact, you can afford to be selective.  Don’t worry about what some of the low-class men/women may say or call you as you don’t sink down to their level and definitely do not need to explain yourself.  You are past all that petty stuff.

So, although dating after 40 can seem daunting, oh, and does have it’s downsides (may take a lot longer to find someone), it can be done and you can be successful at it.

As I say this, I smile because I am still on a dating site.  Minimized it to one now. lol.  I also can thank my ex for this opportunity to grow and improve.

Keep dating my friends!


1 Response to Still Single, and still over 45-well over :/

  1. babybear65 says:

    well, there is online-dating now in which one can be quite selective while being extremely careful. Many many people have had wonderful results with this. It’s so hard to meet people when you are older.


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