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Good things come to those who wait

Did you know God is amazing!  He really does care for you and me!  I cannot be more excited about what is happening to me right now.  As you may recall, I had recently been in a poor relationship for … Continue reading

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A lover, a friend, a partner

Well.  Have you ever prayed for someone or something and felt like you never received an answer?  Oh my goodness, I have!  I prayed for my ex-husband for years and years.  I prayed for my ex boyfriend for the years … Continue reading

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You make me feel

You make me feel… so beautiful smart wanted sexy trusted capable happy excited warm hot comfortable wanting you longing for you silly confident lucky blessed fortunate amazing adored ecstatic dreamy stress-free safe cared for on top of the world!

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Mr./ Ms. Right?

Looking through the dating sites, I find men looking for their “soulmate”. For those of you who may not understand this term, put simply, it means that you have found someone who seems to be you’re “other half”, as if … Continue reading

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